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A Review Of Exactly What YourNetBiz Is

They are a  business coaching company directing their efforts towards the online market, co-founded by Dave Garven & Rob Hannley in May 2009, this company was formerly known as MIB (My Internet Business).  I am unable to find any bad press about them that would motivate a name change, Your Net Biz & MIB are indeed the same company.

This is a top tier business model and therefore you don't get paid down several levels deep like you would in a normal mlm business opportunity, the reward for selling this on the front end is $2k and you will also be paid for every sale on your 1st level an amount of $500, certainly not to be sniffed at.

In your standard mlm company you will make more sales because of the lower startup cost, but with YourNetBiz you will probably go through more leads before you get a sale as it costs $3,000 to get in at the top level. But given the commission payout it makes pay-per-click very viable if you are not already getting leads on a daily basis through an established website.


What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

This is an online home business system ready to set up and start using right away.  When looking at what you get for the money I only looked at the top entry level of 'platinum'  as in my opinion joining below this level is plain silly because a large percentage of your hard earned commission will just pass straight up to your sponsor, not a good thing!



There is a full range of products that you will have full master resale rights to.  There is a good range covering eighty eight niches and a total of over 2000 products, you can market these online or offline and make some good money from it.  We are right now in the information marketing age, so you stand to make some good money.


You will be the owner of a complete automatic online marketing system.  You will of course have squeeze pages provided (pages that interested people enter their name and email into), a product tour website which fully explains the business to your prospect, video presentations and well written sales copy sell the business to your prospect.  The system comes with a fully operation retail center where you can sell all of your information products.  Taking credit card payments is easy through your SW Reg account which is fully integrated with YourNetBiz.



You will get your own personal business assistant who will actually speak to your prospects and close the sale for you!  Some folks don't like prospecting on the telephone but it makes no odds as you can have it done for you.  This effectively allows you to completely automate your business.


Access to some of the best coaching available about how to market your business online, starting from the basics all the way up to professional marketing level, plus weekly live web events.


Along with the platinum package you also get full access to Primo vacations.   It's probably worth buying the YourNetBiz package just for this if you love holidays.  This is a holiday club that will get you up to 80% discounts on prestigious holidays, you can stay in 5 star accommodations for some ridiculously low prices.  There is $500 to be made from each sale of you decide to promote this business on its own.

Are you able to make any money with the YourNetBiz opportunity?

You can, yes  There are many people making large 5 figure incomes right now, I have personally spoken to some of them.  It is important to realize though that unless you are already an experienced marketer with a large lead list you won't be able to make money overnight with this business. 

If any YourNetBiz marketer tries to tell you that you can, then report them to head office.  They will soon be shut down, Your Net Biz has strict marketing guidelines to avoid misrepresentation of earning potentials.

Here is the compensation plan...


When one of your team members on your first level makes a sale YOU get $500.....

If you decide to make use of the Personal Business Assistants then they will charge you per sale....


Who should I partner with?

It’s very important to partner with the right mentor, I have heard that there are some so called 'mentors' in this business that are not offering the support and training that they promised to their prospects. 

You will want to work with a mentor that is genuine, contactable and already successful in YourNetBiz.  Particularly if you are new to internet marketing, you will be relying on your sponsor to show you how to be successful. 

You need to join with a team that already have SYSTEMS in place that you can piggy back off when you are just getting started and a team that has a POWERFUL vision for their future.  Do your research carefully and make sure you speak to your proposed sponsor BEFORE signing up with them.


Discover a Simple SYSTEM You Can Start Using Right Now to Quickly & Easily Generate Your Own Leads, Follow Up With Your Prospects And Brand Yourself As A TRUE Leader On Auto-Pilot...




Plug Your New Team Members Into This System So That They Can Be Making Sales In Their First Month And Earning You $500 Each Sale...


And learn how to......



  • How to use ONE simple strategy, overlooked by 97% of online marketers, that is GUARANTEED to put more money in your pockets immediately.
  • How to generate tons of leads and sign up more customers and distributors without ever picking up the phone.
  • How you can make money fast, even if NOBODY joins your business!
  • How to use technology and tools to reach MILLIONS of prospects and build relationships with THOUSANDS of people all at once, with the push of a button.
  • The most effective marketing strategies, tactics and resources we use to generate hundreds of prospects, paying customers and new distributors.
  • How to generate over 10,000 UNIQUE Targeted Visitors to your sales funnel in the next 8 weeks using FREE Marketing strategies and have an endless flow of leads
  • How to use powerful "marketing funnels" that are so effective... you'll not only profit from your prospects several times over, BUT they'll have no choice but to join your business.
  • PLUS........

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