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Facebook has become the preferred social networking platform of marketers over MySpace.  In theory you would think that Facebook would be the perfect place to market your business, having such a reach of people across the world is VERY appealing. 


You have probably noticed that there is a lot of spam on Facebook, mostly due to the fact the people just don't know how to promote properly on Facebook.  You know the sort of thing I mean, every time you log in you either see a news feed from them or there's an email waiting for you in your inbox urging you to join their 'fantastic, best thing since sliced bread, make a million bucks in 2 weeks' business opportunity.

Is it possible to use Facebook as a marketing tool? 

For sure it is, we just need to learn to do it correctly.  Our main purpose with Facebook should be to make friends with people and network with them, that's after all what FB is all about.  If we want to tell folks about our business we can do that at a later date in a non threatening way.

Lets look briefly at the strategy, here are 6 steps that you can take to effectively market on Facebook,


You want your profile to be crammed full of information about you and your personal activities, let people know what you are into, what your hobbies and interests are, put plenty of picture there of you. People want to learn about YOU not just your business.



Start searching for groups relevant to your market and start adding friends.  Think outside the box and don't just go for the 'online business, mlm, network marketing' groups.


Try and seek out groups that are in your field of interest and become a member.  Most group owners will allow you to post on the wall so you could post some useful information to the wall.  Personally I post a lot of my videos to the wall so that people can actually learn and get value from my material, it works great to increase my presence online as an expert.


Think about starting your own FB group that is of relevance to your target audience.  Then you can invite your friends to join up.  By doing this you are effectively building your own list of interested like minded prospects.



Try putting your content on your friends walls and also to your own.  By doing this your material can be seen by way more folks.  Remember, always offer value!  Your friends will most probably just delete you if you spam their walls.



Produce a 'friend welcome' video that new friends will view.  There are not very many folks using this tactic and it is extremely powerful.

Used properly a Facebook marketing strategy can be VERY effective and can generate highly qualified leads to your websites and sales-funnel.


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