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A Numis Network review, what are the REAL secrets to success with this company?


What is the Numis Network?

The Numis Network was created by J Kevorkian, C Kent, I Cordell and Mike Mezack, With their large collective experience of direct & network sales they are indeed a formidable force. 

Certified coin sales is a massive $10 billion business in the United States and over $100 billion across the globe, so with its explosive growth over recent years it can be a very profitable business to be involved with.


What The Heck Is A Graded Coin?

It's a bullion coin that has passed through a quality inspection by a third party and declared genuine, it's value depends on several different things like purity and weight. 

Once it has been approved and passed off as authentic it will then be packaged ultrasonically ready to enter the ever increasing coin collecters market.  Silver & Gold prices have exploded recently and people know that these coins are a valuable asset, so this network will do very well! 

Many folks are aware of the demise of the American dollar and would jump at the chance to secure their future in gold & silver, which is most likely going to continue to INCREASE in value as time goes on!


As stated by Mike Mezack the prime directive is to become the biggest seller of certified and graded coins in the world.  I don't doubt for a second that we will achieve that.


What training do they provide?

Training videos for all new distributors are available in the system.  I did check this out and found out that you actually have to pay extra for this training, network marketing companies usually offer free training so I did find this a little odd. 

As a new recruit I would be offended to have to pay extra to learn how to market their products.  If the truth be known and you are relying on the training from Numis you have a hard journey ahead of you. 

There is nothing out of the ordinary provided in their suite of promotion tools, but if you are willing to get your training from elsewhere then the sky is the limit.


"Anyone who has been in network marketing for any amount of time will know that just pitching a company replicated website which is exactly the same as every other distributors website is not really going to deliver any significant, if any, results."


There is no training on the importance of offering value or promoting YOU, always remember people join people not companies not much help is given on effective lead generation methods other than the standard methods that most of us are already aware of, but you won't have much of a problem generating leads once you are inside my training system.


Getting Paid With Numis

As far as the compensation plan goes they operate a binary network compensation plan with a left & right leg which are paid down on unlimited levels. Make sure that you fully understand how this system works, it's VERY powerful but requires some knowledge to get your head around it, especially if you are new to Network Marketing.  They also reward you for team members that become ‘Training Qualified’


Should You Join?

For anyone thinking of joining it provides a solid business plan in a wildly thriving market (a $100 billion dollar industry worldwide!) which will continue to grow.  After all we are dealing with money here and EVERYONE want's money!  Plus by buying coins from Numis and having a new coin auto-shipped to you every month, you are collecting ASSETS that will be worth more in the future than they are now.


"Plus when you take into account the decreasing value of the American dollar it makes sense to invest in Gold & Silver which will continue to increase in value."


In fact I have heard of one member who actually sells his autoship coins for a profit!  I can't think of any other company where you can profit from your autoship AND even if you leave the company 2 years down the road you STILL have some valuable assets in your possession which will be worth more than when you bought them!  It's certainly better than having a load of empty juice bottles left!


In my opinion SMART people will join the Numis Network!  You will however need to get some additional training if you want to make a serious profit from this network.


There is a lot of money to be made with this company BUT you will need to learn the REAL strategies that work if you are going to be successful with the Numis Network.  I am going to show you today how you can easily achieve unprecedented success with Numis, plus....



  • ONE simple strategy GUARANTEED to put money in your pockets immediately.
  • How to sign up more customers and distributors without picking up the phone.
  • How you can make money fast even if NOBODY joins your Numis business!
  • How to reach MILLIONS of prospects with the push of a button.
  • How to generate hundreds of prospects, paying customers and new distributors.
  • How to profit from your prospects several times over
  • PLUS....

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