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So who exactly are Ceregenex and what can they offer?

They are directly partnered with Neostem, a leader in adult stem research, storage & collection, plus Optigenix the developer of AC-11 (which is basically the only natural plant extract known that is proven to preserve the integrity of our DNA and a healthy functional gene expression)

They are pretty new to the scene and are still in their pre launch stages, so it could well be a good chance for you to get the first mover advantage and sign up early.  Contrary to popular belief this doesn't automatically qualify you for success in this industry.


The Ceregenex Products

We have 2 different products here, the first on is called Aio and its a supplement that you drink, it is packed full of vitamins and ingredients that are designed to protect your DNA cells whilst giving an overall balance of nutrients. 

The product is said to slow the aging process whilst lowering cholesterol and free radicals within the body, but then again which supplement doesn't promise that these days?


Activar is their other product, it's a cream for your skin, its designed to reduce aging effects and generally improve your skin tone, it contains AC-11, a natural extract from a plant that directly enhances the DNA cells in the human body.


Getting Paid With Ceregenex

As far as the compensation plan goes, it's a binary, so you are effectively building two sales teams, one on the left and one on the right.  These can be difficult to understand so if you are new to them, then you'd be doing yourself a favour by researching thoroughly. 

Often you will find MLM leaders using scarcity tactics to recruit into such a comp plan, spillovers are promised, but beware.  Whilst this is true, don't expect money to start pouring in, you have to build your teams up sufficiently in order to benefit from spillover!

There are two big brains behind Ceregenex, they are Matthew Henninger (CEO and chairman) and Richard Anzalone (president).  Richard has been involved with direct sales since 1992 and Matthew has been in corporate finance for over 20 years.  Should be a pretty safe bet that they know what they're doing.

Most Network Marketing companies will charge you a 'fee' to join, usually anything from $100 - $500, but with Ceregenex you just need to buy some product, there's no fee.  A good selling point.

They are indeed in an extremely saturated market so it will be interesting to see how their products hold up against the competition.  I do wonder though how they are going to train their distributors to actually be successful in the industry.



Did you know that the ONLY way to be successful in this industry is to be DIFFERENT and stand out from the crowd?  I hate to break it to you but if you are thinking of signing up and advertising your company provided website all over the internet, then chances are you may not make much money.

The people who will be successful with Ceregenex are those that either have already been successful with another company and have a large database of prospects. 

Or those who jump onto the internet and learn how to leverage SYSTEMS and STRATEGIES to do the following build a list, brand YOU as a leader, earn affiliate commissions, promote your Ceregenex on the back end and recruit on auto-pilot


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