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It wasn't long ago, in fact only 6 months I was seriously up the creek, my finances were completely ruined.

For 2 years I had been battling away with my MLM company  I had taken to heart what my upline taught me and done my best, prospecting friends and family, approaching strangers about my business opportunity, handing out pamphlets, door to door, cold calls etc, all with very limited results.

Not to mention the fact that I had spent hundreds of pounds on training materials and courses.  In all honesty I was actually losing money and not making any.  I ended up with no income and lots of debt.  I just did not have the proper MLM tools at my disposal.


So what did I do?

One of my fellow MLM'ers revealed to me that he was using some new mlm tools to build his downline on the internet and he showed me his commission cheques which I was amazed at. The long and short of it is that I learnt from his mentor and was shown the system that he was using to bring people into his business on a weekly basis!

I learnt about a funded proposal sales funnel system that showed me how I could market my self online, I discovered Attraction Marketing which teaches you how to arrange yourself as a leader and be a magnet to the right people. 

Attraction marketing is an interesting system which will make you think about MLM in a very different way. 


"It was almost like I became the hunted rather than me hunting down prospects!"

I was on a tight budget so I could not get involved with paid advertising to create my mlm success.  But are you aware that you can use your Facebook or Twitter account to create many leads every day for your business?  

These are great quality targeted leads as well.  Marketing with videos is another fantastic way to build a lead flow, using some of the leading sites on the web like You Tube, Viddler, MetaCafe and such like. 

By producing some simple videos I am able to create a serious amount of leads and producing a video is not that difficult or time consuming.

Remember most people you prospect won't join your MLM so you must have a way to earn affiliate income from them, this is crucial because this is what will fund your marketing expenses and enable you to stay in the game long enough to get into profit. 


"If you are not profiting from these people then you are leaving an awful lot of money on the table!"


The MLM tools that I use generate me income from 18 different sources and they recruit people into my business on almost total auto-pilot, you can use these same tools. 

Right now you can get access to the system I use and to my free training centre which will teach you all of the MLM success secrets


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