Learn The Secrets To MLM Sponsoring Success In Your Business

It's a fact that every Network Marketer knows, recruiting and the selling of products are the only two things that will produce an income in your business

Contrary to what many people believe, it's important to remember that it's not all about your company and products.  When you sponsor new distributors you are offering them the chance to network with you.  It's vital that you have positioned yourself in the market place appropriately i.e. as a leader.

Here are some tips from my personal experience that will help you in your MLM sponsoring efforts:

Best not to wait on your downline -

This is a key point.  Naturally we want our team to be successful, as if they make money so do we, but you don't want to get yourself tied down constantly answering questions.  I quickly found myself becoming tied up with technical and silly questions.  Of course I want to be there for my team members but I had far less time for the main producing activity in my business, and that is recruiting new distributors. 

I was taught by a great mentor in the industry to do things in group sessions, group training and answering of questions wins the game.  I found this to be far more efficient both in terms of my own time and also for my team who got way more value from each training session, plus they got all their questions answered, plus some! 

It is very important that you adopt this strategy into your mlm business also.  Do trainings in groups!

Outsource as much work as is viable -

Sometimes it can be hard to let go and delegate.  I still experience this problem myself, I often like to do as much as I can myself, I have high standards of competency and sometimes struggle to let go.  On the other side of the coin though, it's not good use of my time to be doing menial tasks that I could pay someone else to do. 

In some countries people will work for as little as $2.50 an hour doing your work for you, plus you are actually doing them a favour by hiring them!  My advice would be to start outsourcing as soon as possible (i.e. when you start making money), if you have the funds to do it, then hire someone from day 1  This will free you up to concentrate on that all important sponsoring.

Be teachable

It does not matter who they are, but everyone who has been successful in the mlm industry has had a teacher who is more knowledgeable than them.  Continual learning is so important to your business and no one will ever know it all.  It's a no brainer, if you want to be the top of this industry, you MUST seek out the appropriate training and coaching.


Create lots and lots of leads -

Every business will fail without them!  Leads.  It's a fact that lead poverty is a massive problem for many people in the MLM industry.  It's quite likely your upline has taught you the traditional methods of marketing your business, such as cold calling, warm prospecting, friends & family, 3 foot rule etc.... 

Whilst it's a viable marketing ploy, it's not very well received in today's society, plus it flat out SUCKS.  Would'nt it be much better if people came to you rather than the other way around? 


This can be achieved by using a funded proposal marketing system that will automate lead generating and prospecting and produce massive profits and momentum in your business.


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