Is Monavie A Scam? Are The Rumours Really True??

There are many allegations flying around on the internet that Monavie is a scam.  Maybe you have come across this yourself?  Is This Really True?

Unfortunately there have been, and still are dodgy network marketing opportunities around, but usually, dim reviews are written either to get you to sign up with another company, or are provided by distributors who bear a grudge against the company as they have not had the success that they wanted. 
Often simply because they didn't have the marketing knowledge to make it work, or they were signed up under the impression that they didn't have to do any actual work.
A Quick Monavie History Overview
Because of their track record and amazing growth in their first year of existence, Monavie have become one of the most highly regarded companies in network marketing's history.  They are also sporting some of the highest earnings figures ever seen in the industry, with many people, 34 in fact, at the top levels and receiving over $1.4 million in annual income. 
If you look at the sheer number of new distributors that are making money fast with this opportunity, this should tell you that there is something good about the product.
If the rumours of Monavie scams were true, do you think that Amway's top earner Brig Hart would have moved his entire downline to Monavie when they officially launched? 
I very much doubt it.
There has been controversy surrounding the fact that there is no hard scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the products, and also no official stamp of approval.  But when you look at the number of testimonials around from satisfied customers and top athletes, you can't really say that the product doesn't work.  It's very difficult to break social proof of any product or service.
Monavie have a great track record in the industry and I can only see them going from strength to strength, many Monavie distributors have come to me for coaching, so I have seen a fair amount of inside information, and there is nothing that has disappointed me or caused me to think that the company is unethical in any way.
"By slating Monavie as an unethical company, you may just as well slate the whole network marketing industry.  Naturally this would be crazy."
Rather than looking for dirt on Monavie, time would be better invested in learning how the top producers are developing their business and making some serious income from the opportunity. 
Sadly it is true that many network marketers are not making any significant income, this isn't necessarily because of the company or products.  But more of a reflection on the lack of marketing skills of the individuals concerned.
"Looking at all the facts it's safe to say that Monavie is not a scam."
Success with Monavie will depend on having more leads than you can handle, plus a steady cash flow and effective recruitment system.  By having cash coming in whilst you are still developing your business and learning effective marketing, you will avoid the number one problem network marketers face, and that is going broke before getting into profit. 
I've coached many Monavie associates how to apply this to their business.  These are principles that apply regardless of what company you are involved with.
If you've got your sights set on becoming a Ruby Ranked distributor or above (and you should have) then you need to learn how to be a SMART marketer. 
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