How Mark Yarnell Earned Over $30,000,000 In Network Marketing

Mark Yarnell Reveals How To Earn SICK Incomes In Network Marketing


As a Network Marketer I am so glad I discovered Mark Yarnell, by spending 2 hours listening to his material I have learned more about what it REALLY takes to succeed in Network marketing than 2 months of listening to material produced by other so called 'gurus'.


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When you sit under the teachings of Mark, you may not like what you hear, he doesn't beat about the bush, nor will he try and dress things up in soft feathers to dampen the blow. 


Here's an example from an interview he took part in, he was asked what a new distributor should do to get their business started, here's his reply...

"This sector is the hardest work I've ever completed, which is exactly why the top producers in Network Marketing make a lot more than a classic job.  If somebody wants to succeed in this marketplace, they will need to speak to a minimum of 30 people per day and either try to sell them goods or recruit them into their opportunity."

There are some distributors shaking in their boots after reading that! 


Now I don't know about you but I didn't really fancy spending all day trying to convince 30 people why they should join my business or buy products from me, it's just not the way I want to live my life. 


Mark's earnt over 30 million dollars in this industry and he's done it all through traditional marketing methods (phone and belly to belly), don't despair though, there is a better and easier way to build a network marketing business by taking advantage of the internet.


As you would expect Mark has authored many books along with his wife, they are all of outstanding quality, one you must check out is called Your First Year In Network Marketing, an absolutely critical read for all involved in this industry.  He's produced many other books and audio trainings as well, check him out on Amazon or somewhere like that.

He recently did an audio course called Holy Grail Network Marketing, he talks to only those that have earned more than 3 million dollars in a year from Network Marketing and you will basically hear how they achieved it.  A Must Hear!

NuSkin International was Mark's first company he joined back in 1986, he then switched over to Oxyfresh, a health & wellness company with an advanced product line that caters for animals as well as humans!

I mentioned earlier that Mark had spent most of his career building his business the traditional ways, i.e. belly to belly and on the telephone. 


"No one can question that the traditional methods DO work."


It does however take a certain type of person who can establish themselves in a local community and expand further afield, hold meetings, inspire, challenge and attract unlimited prospects in the offline world.  Not everyone has that ability. 


None of Mark's training really touches much on the internet and the leverage it offers us as network marketers, that being said, for a large part of his career the internet did not exist as we know it today and it certainly for the most part wasn't slick enough to enable it to be used as a business tool.

Believe it or not there are many systems you can take advantage of to build your network marketing business, and in most cases you won't even have to leave the sofa!  Mark said we should talk to at least 30 people a day about our business, well did you know that it's actually pretty easy to generate 30 leads a day online? 

My advice is to use the principles that Mark teaches and incorporate them with the online training I offer you at the end of this article.  There will be no excuse for you to not succeed!


Learn how to combine Mark Yarnell's principles with todays modern online technologies for an UNSTOPPABLE wave of success in your business, plus discover....


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