Health & Prosperity With The Vemma Business Opportunity? A Cool, Super Juice Company?

If you have arrived at this Vemma review then I expect that you have been researching this company, either because you want to find out if it’s a company you should be involved with, or you are already involved with this business opportunity.

If you are already involved with the Vemma business opportunity then scroll down to the bottom of this review as I have some Exclusive training to offer you that will GREATLY benefit your business...



Why A Vemma Review?

If you are looking at any company and deciding if you should join, it’s important that you get all the facts, but more importantly you need to know if it’s a company whose products you can get passionate about.  It really sucks signing up with an opportunity only to discover that the products don’t get you excited.  I’ve done it before myself in my first ever MLM company, which incidentally was a ‘juice & pill’ company. 

I sponsored a few distributors and sold a few cases of product, but I never had that passion to really take it to the next level.

If you would like to try the products then head over to their official website and buy a months trial, it’s a safe bet because they offer a 30 day ‘empty bottle’ money back guarantee.  So if you don’t like the product you can return the bottle empty and get a refund.

I am not a member of Vemma, but I have to say that I really like what they are doing and if you take the time to visit their company website, I am sure that you will leave feeling rather impressed with their professionalism and their ability to deliver a clear message of their vision.


What is Vemma?

Vemma is an acronym for Vitamins, essential, minerals, mangosteen, and aloe.  The liquid supplementation drinks are all centred around a fruit called 'Mangostten', it's found in eastern Asia.  This fruit boosts energy levels and is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is noted for its strong anti-oxidant properties.

Something a little more unique that Vemma have done is to come out with a product that is specifically designed for children.  Many mlm nutrition companies don't take into account that the nutrition needs of adults and children are VERY different. 

Vemma are also helping out the disadvantaged children in our world.  When a bottle of Vemma NEXT is sold one bottle is given to a child in need in the country in which the bottle was bought,  well done to Vemma!

Vemma Verve is for adults and provides a highly concentrated dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and energy boosting ingredients in a convenient drink or in a 1 hit portable shot bottle.

Watch the video on the Vemma website which shows just how the products are made.  It's very impressive how much care they take to ensure the quality and purity of the drinks.

Now being used in over fifty different countries Vemma has gained much popularity.  'Miss Fitness Magazine' hailed Vemma as best product of the year in 2009.  The product packaging is very snazzy and the name Vemma 'verve' has a cool sound to it.  This has helped to make them so popular.


How Did Vemma Begin?

BK Boreyko created Vemma, he had previously done very well with his first health & wellness company, New Vision.  This company was extremely successful and grew rapidly and kicked out over $1 billion in sales in just a few years.

Having already enjoyed much success, he with the assistance of his management team, saw the opportunity within the nutrition industry and collaborated to create Vemma in 2004.

What is the comp plan like?

Vemma works with the 'binary' style of comp plan.  This is a commonly mis-understood comp plan especially if you are new to the industry.  You will only ever have two people on your first level in a binary system, 1 on the left side and 1 on the right.  New distributors are positioned under your existing members in blocks of 2.

Here is how the 'Binary' works...

I would recommend you thoroughly research the binary compensation plan unless you already fully understand it.

Vemma training

I wouldn't say that the training from Vemma is comprehensive.  Many Vemma distributors are using the old fashioned methods of marketing their business like 'warm market' prospecting and chasing friends and family.

"It will depend on your circumstances if these promotion methods will work for you or not, there is a far better way though."


If you want to have any serious amount of prosperity with your Vemma network marketing business then you will need an unlimited supply of leads and prospects to talk to about your business. 

You will also need a SYSTEM that you and your new recruits can duplicate to create a thriving downline.  Plus if you have any sense you will be earning affiliate commissions even if people don't join your business.

The top earners in Vemma are using these EXACT strategies.


Want to put your Vemma business on overdrive?



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