Five Critical Steps To Exploding Your Vemma Business Within The Next 90 Days

I'm going to touch on 5 very important Vemma success concepts which you need to implement into your Vemma home business immediately, if you are going to prosper.

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Many new distributors are signing up to join the Vemma business opportunity, but there are many who are not making much money and really this should not be the case.

Here are five steps that you can take to dramatically improve the results you are getting from your business.



You should make a commitment to stick with Vemma for at least a year.  Many times I see people quitting because it has not worked out as they expected, so they jump straight into another company under the impression that it's the company and products that were at fault.  In most situations this is not the case

Success with any opportunity will only happen if you take the time to learn the critical principles that govern network marketing.  Give yourself a time frame of about two months to really get to grips with what is required to be a top earner in the network marketing industry.



Put your efforts only into work that actually builds your business.  Like any mlm business, in Vemma you will earn an income from only 3 activities and these are, creating & motivating an active team of distributors, selling products and selling the opportunity.

Decide to only put your time and efforts into these three areas.  Other aspects of the business are not worthy of your time and attention to begin with.



Learn how to market and brand yourself as a leader.  If you are branding yourself as a leader then those seeking a business to join are going to be attracted to you. 

These folks want someone who can show them how to be successful, so make sure that you are that person who is able to lead them.  Suprisingly, its often the case that the actual company is of little importance. 

If an opportunity seeker finds a great leader then they will join their team regardless of the company they are connected with.



It's important to educate yourself on promoting your business in the most efficient way possible and making use of the technology available today.  Traditional methods are taught by Vemma to their new distributors. 

I'm talking about calling up your friends and family and trying to get them to join, along with wandering around shopping malls and social events trying to make a sale or signup. 

I'm not saying these methods don't work at all, because they still do, but they will only work for some people, typically those already with a local influence and a large database of contacts. Failure is a common event if folks are exclusively implementing these promotion methods. 

You will discover that those making the most money in network marketing have probably made use of the internet to develop their teams.  Marketing online offers some incredible power when it comes to list building, and by using automated systems you can get far more done in less time than you could ever hope to achieve in the offline world.



Have a system in place that trains your new team members and equally important a system that they can plug into.  I'm sure you are aware of the diabolical retention rates found in most network marketing companies, this is largely due to the fact that new distributors are not getting into profit quickly enough. 

So like any sensible person they quit as it's not working for them.  It can be a very different story if you discover and use the leverage of systems.  You don't want your team to be feeling lost and helpless; by using a duplicatable system they can jump start their business. 

Easy duplication in an MLM team creates excitement and synergy and this leads to a wildly profitable organisation, so wild that you won't be able to keep up with it all.  A very favourable position to be in.

If you learn how to do things like the top producers do, then you can make a serious amount of income from the Vemma business opportunity.

So the question I'm asking you is, do you want more Vemma success?


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