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So you might have heard of Asea, the relatively new Network Marketing company, you might also have wondered if Asea is a scam and just selling bottles of salt water!

Well first off there is a lot of backing from several top athletes that claim to have enhanced their performances by using Asea's products, the company also claims their product is backed by 16 years of research.  Asea contains sodium chloride and water, in essence this is saltwater. 

I've never tried the product myself so I won't go casting aspersions.  The product has reactive molecules in it and these are said to increase the effectiveness of the body's immune system and natural anti oxidants, therefore allow us to be more healthy and perform better.

You will be able to learn more about this intriguing product by looking at the company corporate website (just search on Google)

"Either way you look at it there isn't really an Asea scam, there is a real product here that is doing some good for some people!"

Asea started off in 2009 and is gaining some momentum.  Verdis Norton had the original idea to formulate the company and create a network marketing system with this product, he then took the idea to James Pack who raved at the idea and gave Verdis a blank cheque!  Both of these guys are well known in the corporate world and have heaps of experience.  Verdis served at a top management level for 30 years at Kraft Foods and James built his own telecommunications consulting empire!  Very impressive.

You can find the Asea HQ at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah.


What ways are there to make money?

They are pretty standard in that they operate a binary compensation plan, it's well worth reading up on how this works.  Do it right and you will be able to earn a decent amount using this pay plan.  There are seven ways in total to earn, as follows...Retail sales, Preferred customer bonus, Fast start bonus, Team commissions, Director's bonus, Check match (very cool), Leadership pool (also very cool, if you can get there).


So there are plenty of ways to earn money with this company.

They are getting more well know and more people are joining, there is the problem of the product though to consider, is it really just salt water?  It would be a good idea for anyone who will get involved with the business actually uses and benefits from the product themselves.  There is nothing worse than trying to market a product that you don't believe in.


Will You Succeed With Asea?

Well that's up to you but many people involved in Asea are going to struggle for one main reason and that is a lack of leads.  For any business to REALLY take off you want to be getting 20-30 leads a day consistently. 

When you get to this sort of lead flow you generally find that you will be selling products and sponsoring into your business on a weekly basis, which is when your business begins to take off in an upward direction. 

Another critical factor is creating immediate cash flow, you need to have an effective sales funnel that will earn commissions from people, even if they don't join your business!

Finding a solution to these problems is the difference between success and failure!


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