An Expert Review Of TVI Express, Is This A Modern Day Ponzi?


Is this a scam?  Are the rumours true that this is a shady deal?


At the end of this article I'm going to be showing you how you can dominate the industry for any company you choose to join, but first watch this video and then enjoy the article.


TVI Express, fully known as Travel Ventures International are based in Cyprus right now we believe.

They started up in January 2009 and what drew me to take a look at this opportunity was the incredible income claims being made by distributors.  Whilst looking through their website and watching the company presentation, I kept thinking to myself 'What tangible products are these guys selling?'  Whenever I get this question pop up in my mind its always a little concerning, especially if the main emphasis seems to be on bringing others into the scheme in order to get paid.

Even after some more digging around I was none the wiser.  The only 'product' I could find was a holiday voucher for 5 nights in a hotel which you get when you sign up (which costs $250) and the assurance of 'good deals' on travel & holidays as and when they become available.

"My biggest issue with this company is where are the tangible products?  Could you retail their 'products' in their own right, without the business opportunity being attached?  Would the business model stand up in a court of law if challenged?"


Any TVI member that would like to share their positive experience with this company then feel free to contact us, as we would love to share the information here to help others decide if they should join the company or not.


How can you make money with TVI?

A distributor will make their money from getting others to sign up and pay the $250 joining fee.  TVI Express operate a 'rotating matrix' compensation plan and you have to 'cycle' through the 'Travel Board' first and then you will be paid $250 and given an e-voucher of $250. 


After this you are then upgraded to what they call the 'Express Board', you will then repeat this process and 'cycle' your way up to the top and when you exit at the top you will receive a commission payment of $10,000.  To join TVI there is a onetime only payment of $250.  To reach the qualification level to get your commissions you need to bring in just two new people.


"Given that the entry fee is just $250 how can members earn such large amounts from just 2 new recruits?"

Because right now thousands of people are signing up in the hope of riches and paying their $250 fee, and providing this keeps happening then the matrix will continue to be filled up and members can keep 'cycling' round to exit and get their $10k. 

The company says that once you pop out at the top you will re-enter the matrix again and earn another $10k.  This will continue for as long as you stay a member (or until they get shut down).

It's inevitable that this type of scheme will collapse eventually.  It seems there is no tangible product here so once the influx of new members stops (and it will) the matrix stops moving and no one profits anymore.  Normally when an MLM company gets to the point of saturation there is still money being made, as distributors are selling an actual product/s to end consumers.

TVI is an illegal scam?

Well when looking at an MLM company to join I always look at the products and if they provide REAL value to the end user.  Also I think about if the product would sell in its own right and would the business model stand up in a court of law if challenged?  You should ask yourself the same questions.


Should you sign up?

Anyone looking at the pay plan would be impressed.  If you think it can work for you, then by all means go ahead. 

One word of warning, I have read on various forums that you don't necessarily get paid cash, but in vouchers, which you can then redeem against discount holidays and travel.  I have also read that TVI do not accept credit card payments, but you have to wire the money to an overseas account.  A strange arrangement for a legitimate company.

Don't take this as rock solid gospel, but it's what I read in several different forums.


Would I Join?

Not personally no.  When deciding if you should join then you must ask yourself if the companies values and business model are in alignment with your core values.

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