A Review of Jonathan Budd, Is He The Mentor He Claims To Be?


"Any time that you are looking for information about the MLM industry you will probably run into Jonathan Budd at some point or another."


By the way at the bottom of this article I am going to be revealing the secret strategies that Jonathan Budd used to create his massive online empire so you can start using them yourself.  Watch this video first and then enjoy the article.


He is literally everywhere!

He is known as the youngest MLM millionaire online entrepreneur of all time and I can quite believe it.  Like many successful people he didn't have the best start to his career, he was flat broke and working from his parents kitchen table!  He tried all of the traditional methods of offline team building (which do still work) but for one reason or another he didn't have a great deal of success.

Now just a couple of years later he is a multi millionaire and creator of some of the most outstanding Network Marketing training products available.  Many great gurus have learnt from Jonathan, one you may have heard of is Katie Freiling, the top recruiter in Network Marketing.

But the first thing I want to clear up is....

Is Jonathan Budd A Scam Artist?

The short answer is 'No'  Any publicity that says he is will be written by someone who didn't read his sales page properly and ended up being subscribed to his inner circle which costs $30-$40 per month.  After his initial few pages of his system there is the chance to purchase his CD entitled 'The Online MLM Secrets Mastery CD' but to get the add on you must manually check a box.

The reason some have been saying they are been ripped off by Jonathan is because they were not paying full attention when they bought his CD accidently signed themselves up to his 'Inner Circle' and as a result got an unexpected bill.

By the way, if you are deciding if you should buy his CD, go for it!  There is some fantastic information on there and for a mere $7, you might as well.  I did, and had no complaints whatsoever, it won't teach you everything you need to know by a long shot but it will point you in the general direction.

Here are the other products available from Jonathan Budd

The 7 Figure Network System

A self branded, lead generating online attraction marketing system.  Almost anyone can use it for success in their business.  Certainly it's one of the most effective systems about but not one I use for my own business.  I use My Lead System Pro (the page you are on now) because it is MUCH more customizable and allows me to make my content unique to me.  Plus it's more search engine friendly which means I get more free leads.

The Top Producer Formula

You could describe this as the ultimate online marketers guide as it contains everything in one package.  This is not always available though, he will take it on and off the market so you need to keep a sharp eye out if you want to purchase your own course.  The reason for withdrawing it is to create urgency, because folks often want what they can't have.  Then when it's for sale again there will be a mad rush of people wanting to secure their copy.  It's worth buying this course, even if you are an experienced Network Marketer who is looking to maximise results online as you will most likely learn something new.  New marketers should consider investing in it for sure as you will learn a lot more in less time.

The Mastermind Mentoring, Coaching & Training Transformation Programme

I have no personal experience with this product so I can't tell you much about it.  There is no doubt though that Jonathan's experience of internet marketing supersedes 99% of the people trying to build a business on the internet.  If you are able to purchase this course then you should.

Some final thoughts

The expertise of Jonathan Budd is awesome and I am definitely a big fan of him.  But given his failures in the offline marketing world, I don't see him as a mentor for teaching traditional MLM strategies.  But if you are into online marketing Jonathan Budd is the one to show you how...for a price though.

From what I've read Jonathan actually makes MUCH more money from his online system and coaching products than he does from his actual network marketing company, but then this is true of many of the Gurus out there.

If you are looking to prosper in your Network Marketing business then really you just need to learn and implement some simple strategies....it's really not that difficult.  I am giving away my training for free at the moment and showing Network Marketers around the globe how to solve their number one problem....a lack of prospects. 

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