A Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategy Which You Can Use EVEN If You Have NO Marketing Budget

A Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategy Which You Can Use EVEN If You Have NO Marketing Budget Learn A Little Know Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategy That YOU Can Use For FREE To create a FLOOD Of Leads To Your MLM


Every MLM Business Needs Leads And LOTS Of Them, What If I Could Show You A Strategy That Will Bring In Leads All Day Long For FREE?


Here is the strategy

You are going to need at least 1 of your own websites' in order for this method to work.  All the search engines give more priority to a website or blog that is regularly updated so bear this in mind. To get your pages properly indexed they need to be well optimized, in its basic form this means that your keyword/phrase should be in the title, meta description and a few times in the actual page content.  


"Take care not to 'keyword stuff' by repeating your phrases too often or you will end up not showing up for anything."

Ensure that when you create your content it will read properly to a human.  People probably won't bother to actually read your webpage's if you keep on repeating the same keyword over and over again, the spiders that crawl your site don't like it either and they will punish you by dropping your ranking into never never land, that's if they rank you at all!


The main calculation that search engines use to rank a sites importance is the number of backlinks that point to it, the more the better.

There's two things we want to do here, a high rank is the first goal so that traffic will come our way from the organic search result listings and so that we can generate traffic from a wide variety of sources we need to get our content submitted to as many places as possible. 


Following are the things we need to accomplish


Write an article or a blog post that offers good valuable information to the reader  make sure it is relatively short (about 500 words) and to the point, whatever the title says the article/blog post is about make sure the content is relevant to that. 

Needless to say the article must be relevant to the keyword/phrase that you are targeting, you want your content to be informative and compelling because when this article reaches the main directories you want readers to click through to your links.


After you have posted your article to your blog or webpage use a tool called Onlywire which will syndicate it to all of the top social bookmarking and network sites



The next part of this process is to create a short video advertising your new content, this can be either you sitting in front of the camera talking about the subject of your article or a PowerPoint presentation or even just a simple screen capture. 

Using videos you can reach more people and videos rank quickly in Google, you want to leave viewers in suspense so that after they have watched your video they will want to click through to your website to find out more information.  Once the video is rendered syndicate it to popular video sites like Youtube and Viddler. 

You might want to use a tool like TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser to do this for you otherwise it will take way too long to do it manually. Video is the fastest way to get into Google's search results. 



The next step is to spin your original article and then distribute to some of the top article directories for more exposure, it's important to spin it so everybody is not reading exactly the same article all over the place and the search engines don't see a load of duplicate content. It can be a very longwinded process so you are best off buying some submission software or using an article distribution service.  The software I recommend that you use is Article Marketing Robot


Spread the word about your new blog post/article to your social networks like Twitter & Facebook.

"In a nutshell that's it.  You need to do this consistently for it to actually work."


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